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May 31, 2016 / Young Adult Rehab

Young Adult Rehab

Lighthouse Recovery Centers is a residential treatment center nestled in Woodland Hills, CA. It is our mission to restore hope...
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women's recovery center
February 22, 2016 / Women's Recovery Center

Women’s Recovery Center

Although the Lighthouse Recovery Center has both male and female clients, women and men are in separate locations so that each can focus on the individualized treatment needed. We find that women have different challenges when they come into recovery. With these challenges in mind, we design a treatment plan that will give the individual the best opportunity to recover.
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drug treatment
February 22, 2016 / Drub Treatment

Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment is a process by which an individual gains the understanding and tools to rebuild their lives and learns...
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residential treatment
February 22, 2016 / Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

Our in-patient residential treatment center is located in sunny Los Angeles, California. Our serene location welcomes residents and our excellent clinical staff will help you or your loved ones recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
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