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Meet the Clinical Assessment Team

Clinical Director – Kelley Zabelovsky

Clinical Directoris a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, wife and mother. She has extensive experience with dually diagnosed clients, acute diagnoses, addictions, adolescents, families and children. Kelley is well versed in the 12 step model for addicts and loved ones who are looking for a way to heal from this deadly disease.

Kelley specializes in issues that afflict adolescents such as behavioral problems, anxiety, anger and depression stemming from trauma and peer pressure. Her strength based approach has enlightened parents to their children’s plight and built confidence of young people to actualize their potential.

Kelley uses practical experience and real life adversity to enrich her empathic understanding as a therapist. She is focused on offering solution while navigating change where fear and uncertainty, anger and chaos tend to color her client’s lives. Kelley’s clients feel a sense of mastery over their lives after spending time in therapy with her. They are able to celebrate change, live in gratitude and appreciate their own strengths.

She is trained and accredited in the TF-CBT Model for trauma, Triple P (Standard and Teen) for parenting and MAP-a model for cognitive behavioral evidence based practices. Kelley is also trained in Seeking Safety – an evidence based practice for the client with trauma and addiction/substance abuse issues as well as A.R.T. Aggression Replacement Training – a model for anger management in a group setting. Kelley has worked with acute diagnoses (men and women with Pschizoprenic/Pschizoaffective and bipolar diagnoses) individually and in group setting.

Kelley’s orientation is primarily Humanistic with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral, Emotional and Solution Focused approaches.

Dr. Joy Kong
Dr Joy Konggrew up on a university campus in Beijing, China, and decided to come to the United States against all odds, and landed on the U.S. soil at age of 20. She graduated as a valedictorian from San Francisco State University in 1998, completed her medical training at UCLA School of Medicine, and went on to specialize in psychiatry. She is a board-certified adult psychiatrist, having treated numerous psychiatric patients in the setting of the Los Angeles county hospitals and clinics, the Veteran’s hospital, Cedars Sinai and UCLA Medical Center. Her strong interest in addiction medicine also lead her to become a board-certified addictionologist.

Always believing in a holistic approach to medicine, and never satisfied with simply what she was taught, she is keen in her search for new knowledge and the best ways to help her patients. She wholeheartedly embraces the principles of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, which is based on the latest scientific discoveries, evidence-based and preventative in its approach. She founded JK Integrated Health, Inc. to incorporate the practice of anti-aging and regenerative medicine into the field of psychiatry and addiction treatment. She calls her approach “doing psychiatry the right way,” or simply, doing medicine the right way. She stresses carefully looking into various interlinking factors contributing to health and disease that are often overlooked by traditional medical practices, to take into account a patient’s micronutrient status, hormonal balances, genetic makeup, gut flora composition, and environmental toxicity, on top of stressing good nutrition, exercise and a healthy mental attitude. Her passion in truly helping her patients continues to drive her relentless search for the understanding of health and disease in all its complexities.