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Insurance & Financing Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Insurance Options for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Researching, verifying and leveraging financial resources to access the appropriate level of drug & alcohol care is an important aspect of the pre-admission process. To support increased access to this important and often life-saving care, Lighthouse Recovery Centers can work with most major PPO insurance providers, and accepts the following PPO insurance plans:

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Financing Options for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Lighthouse Recovery Center has partnered with a Lending to offer financing for clients and families in need of drug & alcohol treatment. Financing through our lending provider can be a beneficial resource for clients and families that:

  • Don’t have healthcare insurance
  • Have healthcare insurance with no drug & alcohol treatment
  • Have high co-pays and deductibles
  • Have drug & alcohol treatment coverage but with a limited number of inpatient treatment days
  • Have drug & alcohol treatment coverage but insurance denies coverage before completion of the recommended course of treatment


If you need additional financial support to access addiction treatment, help is available. Please call us to apply for a loan. Application will not affect the applicant’s credit score, and applicants will receive an instant decision immediately following submission of the online application.