Countless factors go into deciding on a drug or substance abuse rehab program. Finding the right facility is imperative for success, but in contrast, the urge to stay close to home and surround yourself with familiarity is understandably strong. It is almost twice as productive to attend an out-of-state rehab facility rather than a more local one. This productiveness is due to many factors, all centered around that being remote, being in the right facility, and being in the right environment are some of the most critical metrics in determining a rehab program’s effectiveness in breaking addiction long-term. Let us share the five most important reasons why you should look for an out-of-state facility:

1. You Build New Relationships Founded on Common Goals

There are many reasons for becoming an addict, and many more why it feels impossible to stop. But a common issue found in almost all cases, are negative relationships. Relationships such as those that weigh you down or is what pushed you toward drugs or substances in the first place are common in addiction. Another typical negative relationship is with those who also practice the habits you are trying to break. But none are as damaging as the relationships with those who will be unsupportive of your rehabilitation. Either due to not believing in you or not trying to understand why you may choose to stop using drugs or other substances, these relationships more often break an individual’s recovery efforts. Some may even try to temp and thwart your path to recovery, either intentionally or not.

Therefore, building new, healthy relationships with those sharing similar goals is infinitely valuable. New relationships are essential for surrounding yourself with like-minded people that will support your new sober lifestyle. The right social support is one of the most significant factors in long-lasting recovery and is vital in resisting relapse in the first few years after rehab. With the right social group, you can start to see yourself not just as an ex-addict, but as a truly healed and rectified person. You will be amazed at how much more you can do with the right influences in your social circle. Going out-of-state to leave negative relationships and discover positive new ones is a powerful reason to seek an out-of-state treatment center.

2. You Avoid Your Addiction & Relapse Triggers

Speaking of things left at home when you go to an out-of-state facility, another one might be even more vital to leave behind. Those are the same circumstances, people, situations, memories, and all else that caused and probably still causes you to seek out drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Leaving these triggers behind is critical when seeking healing. Leaving for rehab also puts you in the mindset of being on the path toward recovery, which is an especially crucial mental motivator. It helps you cognitively leave your baggage behind as you seek healing. Giving yourself that chance to start over by removing yourself from the triggers and influences at home will significantly reduce the strength of future urges to relapse.

Like vacations, church, or company retreats, the physical separation from triggers can manifest a real mental separation and reinforce your commitment to rehabilitation. No matter the facility’s quality, being far away from the same places you associate with your addiction is vital for your short and long-term success.

3. Facilities in Treatment Hubs Tend to Be Much Better

Hubs for every service industry exists in every country. Many companies near each other, all at the top of their industry, create significant shared synergies by attracting top talent to their vicinities. These hubs naturally form throughout the world. The best U.S. finance companies develop in “hubs” such as Manhattan, and a feedback loop forms as the best finance professionals flock over there. With the best talent, these hubs become even more robust and attract more talent, thus continuing the cycle. The best tech companies develop in or near Silicon Valley for the same reason. And the best addiction treatment centers develop in their hubs around the country as well, and most notably for our example, Southern California. The facilities in Southern California are not just usually recognized as the best in the country, but even known around the world. Like all hubs, this is due to multiple factors, and in this case, it is mainly personnel and environment.

It is easy to see how Southern California became a major hub for treatment. For centuries, the medical community has known the positive mood effects of comfortable humidity, pleasantly warm air, and of course, lots and lots of sunshine. The amazingly therapeutic weather made it a prime location for many treatment facilities to open. Over time, the best doctors, therapists, and addiction experts worldwide flocked to this newly developing hub. The outcome is that these facilities’ quality skyrocketed, and lesser facilities could not compete in the same area, therefore truly making Southern California one of the hubs to go to for the highest quality addiction treatment you can find. The quality of addiction treatment facilities in a major addiction treatment hub is usually far higher than elsewhere, regularly having all the latest techniques, technologies, holistic approaches, and proven treatment methods.

4. Being Remote Prevents You from Leaving Early

It is not hard to understand how the majority and individuals fail rehab treatment: they leave. Leaving against medical advice, or AMA, is allowed in most cases as admission to an addiction treatment facility is usually voluntary, meaning one can leave if you choose. Leaving a rehab program early is one of the biggest hurdles to completing treatment and stick it out to the end. As useful as picking a high-quality facility in a great environment is at keeping you from leaving, nothing assists more than the physical obstacle of distance and unfamiliarity being in your way.

Going to an out-of-state facility also strengthens your commitment. The time and energy invested in an out-of-state journey will increase the likelihood of completing the program and curbs the temptation of quitting early.

5. Being Away Allows You to Concentrate on Yourself

There are other mental benefits to going away, and one of the most effective mentalities to be in when seeking treatment is the mentality of getting a fresh start. Giving yourself that “fresh start” is a fantastic leg-up in recovery and should not be discounted for anything, especially if your addiction has become part of your identity. If either you, your friends, or your loved ones see you as an addict, breaking out of that identity is much more difficult if you do not separate yourself from it during your recovery. Seeing yourself not through their eyes, but through new supportive eyes, is one of the most effective weapons against relapse. When rehab begins to be difficult, being surrounded by those that see you as an addict will make giving up easier. It is the subtle judgments and opinions of others that cause so many to plunge into addiction in the first place and keep seeking out drugs and other substances. Building your new, sober identity away from these judgments and opinions will help reforge your new sober identity and build your self-esteem. Separating yourself from those that know the “old you” until you are the “new you” is a mighty benefit of going out-of-state for treatment.

Focus is the other benefit of going out-of-state. Focusing entirely on yourself, without distractions, without worrying about loved ones, is key to success in rehab. In rehabilitation, the most critical factor in healing is to get to the underlying causes of your addiction and use. Having loved ones near you for support is often desired, but many do not understand how detrimental to recovery that can be. Worry about loved ones’ opinions, their struggles, or even what is going on at home, suffocates the effectiveness of a rehab program. They cause your focus to shift from finding the root causes of your addiction elsewhere. Concentrating purely on yourself is arguably the most significant benefit of going out-of-state for addiction treatment.

There are countless benefits to going to an out-of-state facility. The mental fortitude it provides, the physical barriers, and that the facilities tend to be better all help contribute to an individual’s success in finally living sober. We have plenty more resources and expertise to share in helping you find the right facility for you and an extensive after-treatment support network to make the first few years of sober living not so hard. Feel free to reach out to us today. We are here for you and will help you.

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