Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The first step in addiction treatment is medical detox. To begin treatment successfully, the body needs to be rid of all traces of the substance being abused.

We offer a wide range of alcohol and drug addiction treatment plans tailored to suit the individual’s needs, mental health, personal and medical history, and their addiction’s nuances.
A highly structured and monitored inpatient drug rehab program in a home-like setting. Here patients learn the fundamentals of sober living.
Outpatient rehab offers support for long-term sobriety and the prevention of sudden relapse when reintegrating with society.

Partial Hospitalization

Consistent PHP (Partial Hospitalization) for the intensive treatment of behavioral health and addiction issues without an overnight stay.

Intensive Outpatient

Establishes support mechanisms, helps with relapse management, and gives patients the tools and coping strategies by revisiting programs and therapies.

Young Adult Treatment Center

Our Young Adults Program is personalized to meet the specific needs of 18–30-year-olds in their addiction recovery.

Women’s Treatment Center

Women cohabit in the same residence. They will offer each other support during activities and recovery rehabilitation as a group.

Addiction Treatments and Therapies

At Lighthouse Recovery Centers, we have a holistic model of care and addiction treatment that addresses all facets and effects of addictions. We use the following treatment methods in our programs.

Medical Detox

An inpatient alcohol and drug detox is the first step in recovery. A clinically-assisted detox as an inpatient is the safest way to kickstart recovery.

12 Step Program

A structured step-by-step program to help patients recover from substance addictions, behavioural addictions, and compulsions.

Innovative Medication-Assisted Treatment [MAT]

Advanced, approved medications are used alongside psychosocial therapies, particularly in the withdrawal stage.


We use the best clinical experience and external research to find the most effective solutions for addiction treatment.

Faith-based Recovery

We enhance medical and evidence-based therapeutics with a faith-based recovery for religious patients to renew and strengthen faith during recovery.

Rehabilitation Groups

Patients acquire personal growth by adhering to group rules and participating in daily activities surrounded by support from others in a similar situation.


Alternative Treatment Options

Treatment programs don’t work the same for each individual. We have alternative treatment options tailored to individuals for healing, growth, and recovery.


Life-long support for, and from, previous patients that have spent time at our world-class facilities.

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