Many questions swirl around our heads when a dear friend or close family member goes to rehab. Drug, alcohol and substance abuse can tear bonds apart and put enormous strain on any relationship. But now, as they seek treatment for their illness, thoughts of how best to keep supporting them may flood our minds. How do I help them stay in treatment? How best can I be there for them? And even, am I doing enough? Many feelings and thoughts rush those who have a loved one in treatment, and that is why there is one most important thing to do:

Do not worry.

Easier said than done, but this is the most valuable thing to keep in mind. Those suffering from addiction often have harmed themselves and those close to them. A history that usually consists of lying, stealing, and guilt manipulation. This history would take a toll on anyone, and it is reasonable to be fearful that your loved one may regress into those personally damaging habits. 

But always keep in mind that your loved one is now exactly where they need to be; they are with addiction treatment professionals in a safe, nurturing environment for recovery. The faculty of medical professionals possess specialized education and experience to best help guide him or her to sobriety. It is also good to remember that your loved one is now with a new, supportive peer-group who have been in their exact situation. 

They are seeking help from the best providers of that help. 

Part of your job now is to support them staying there and getting the help they need. Part of doing that is by not worrying. Staying sane during their stay in rehab will also help in the readjustment period afterward when your loved one returns home. Learning not to worry about potential relapses and embracing their new sober lifestyle is one of the essential roles you play in their recovery. Know that you are a vital part of the healing process in other fundamental ways. 

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