What To Expect

Staying as an inpatient can be daunting, and we know you may have a lot of questions. Find out what to expect upon arrival and during your stay at Lighthouse Recovery Center so you can focus on your recovery.

What happens when I arrive?

Upon arrival at Lighthouse, one of our highly trained staff members will meet with you. A complete inventory of your belongings will be taken, and we will ensure that all clothing and personal items meet our guidelines.

From there, you will be shown to your room and given a tour of the whole facility, including areas where you will receive therapy, treatment, and meals. You will be given the opportunity to order your grocery items for the week ahead.

After that, you will go for an assessment with our clinical staff and be assigned a primary therapist. Your mental and physical health will be considered in this assessment, and your primary therapist will take you through your individualized treatment program.

What will I eat?

All meals are provided. Our onsite chef will prepare healthy and nutritious meals for you throughout your stay. We are able to accommodate all dietary restrictions and guidelines.

What do I tell my job?

Within 24 hours of admission at Lighthouse Recovery Center, you will meet with our admissions coordinator to commence your FMLA/Medical Leave process with your medical benefits office. They will assist you with every step of the process and will handle all communication with your employer. Utmost discretion is upheld at all times, and your employer does not need to know the nature of your admission or the clinical details.

Will my family be involved?

We welcome family involvement throughout your treatment program, but only at your request and with your permission. Weekly family therapy sessions are available, but only for those wishing to use this service.

Are visitors allowed?

Visitors are allowed at the center each Sunday, from 1-4 pm. All visitors are approved by your primary therapist and only at your request.