5 Reasons to go Out-of-State for Addiction Rehab

Countless factors go into deciding on a drug or substance abuse rehab program. Finding the right facility is imperative for success, but in contrast, the urge to stay close to home and surround yourself with familiarity is understandably strong. It is almost twice as productive to attend an out-of-state rehab facility rather than a more local one. This productiveness is due to many factors, all centered around that being remote, being in the right facility, and being in the right environment are some of the most critical metrics in determining a rehab program’s effectiveness in breaking addiction long-term. Let us share the five most important reasons why you should look for an out-of-state facility:

What to Do When A Loved One is in Rehab

Many questions swirl around our heads when a dear friend or close family member goes to rehab. Drug, alcohol and substance abuse can tear bonds apart and put enormous strain on any relationship. But now, as they seek treatment for their illness, thoughts of how best to keep supporting them may flood our minds. How do I help them stay in treatment? How best can I be there for them? And even, am I doing enough? Many feelings and thoughts rush those who have a loved one in treatment, and that is why there is one most important thing to do:

Is Medication-Assisted Drug Treatment Effective?

We all know the dark place many of our family and friends have fallen into when it comes to substance abuse. Especially recently, with various drug epidemics around the country, so many of our loved ones have fallen victim to addictions. But is their hope? Does treatment for drug and substance abuse show any long-term success? Well, it seems recent studies have answered this question, showing incredible efficacy along the lines of other medically chronic disease treatments.